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“When every single unique activity, combines seamlessly to perform and deliver a result greater than the sum of their individual impact – that is absolute SYNERGY and KOTAK LOGISTICS believes in synergising with CUSTOMERS”


to & from Anywhere

From booking to communications, to payment: Kotak Logistics helps you transport freight faster, cheaper, safer, and easier, so you can stay focused on your business.

Set in the heart of heritage, and the oldest heritage port of India, Gujarat, Kotak Logistics has been relentlessly serving its clients for years together now. We are a fast growing & professionally managed top logistics companies in Ahmedabad. Operating in the logistics business, Kotak offers demonstrated expertise in specialized logistics operations at key ports in India.

Martin Luther King once said, “Change does not roll in on the wheels of Inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle”. Rightly said so, Kotak Logistics has worked day and night to become one of the most preferred logistics management partner in Gujarat.

Encouraged by veterans of the Industry and supported by seasoned professionals, Kotak offers a spectrum of need specific, highly competent and solution driven dry bulk shipping and project cargo management services, along with a range of allied logistics services in Ahmedabad.

Entrust Us with Your Logistics

Statistics prove that we are 100% devoted to our job of booking, processing and transferring the orders across the globe with minimum effort for our clients!

We Can

Ship Anything

Here are some industries we help get their items around:

  • Palletized Goods
  • Boxed Goods Non-Palletized
  • Any Non-Perishable Boxed Goods
  • Any Parcel Shipment
  • Appliances & Electronics
  • Furniture & Constructions
  • Medical Freight
  • Agricultural Products
  • Cars and Equipment
  • Anything Legal


What makes our company stand out is the approach that we choose for the daily tasks: we want you to enjoy the experience of using our logistic services

Best Logistics

We provide the best logistic service on the market, all over the globe.

Cargo security

Our clients get 100% guarantee for secure shipping & handling.

24-Hour Support

In case you have an enquiry, or an urgent question, our support is there.

On-Time Delivery

We know how to make it in time and set the right terms for deliveries.

Any Payment Method

All payment methods are acceptable for ordering our services.

Cargo Tracking

Track all your shipments online using the tracking form and ID.